Questions & Answers

How quickly will blogs and templates be added?

CorporateBrainz is new so there will be a lot of activity, including advertising, over the next few months so we suggest you register now and become part of our community.

Can anyone advertise on the site?

No, this is a site for professionals within our community

Can I upload documents into the template sections?

Not without sending them first to whereupon we’ll select the right folder for them to go in.

Can I request specific topics to be covered?

Absolutely. You can either use the forum or if you don’t get the specific answers you were looking for please email us directly and we’ll see if we can help – remember CorporateBrainz is made up of experienced professionals.

When do I need to register?

You can access the main site including the blog and templates without registering. If you want to view the demo version or buy a subscription to 'Get-it' you will need to register on the site. If you want to access the Project Portal or the Forum you need to register there too - it is a single sign on for both the Project Portal and Forum and you register by clicking on either of those two tabs on the top menu bar.

What terms and conditions govern the site?

The terms and conditions which apply to any aspect of the site usage are accessible by clicking the Terms and Conditions link in the footer and contain website terms, general terms and our privacy policy. If you access the demo version of Get-it or buy a subscription to Get-it you must also accept the specific License terms. Similarly, usage of the Project Portal may also contain specific terms and conditions or principles which apply between transacting parties.

Do you store customer's financial details?

No we do not. Our full privacy policy can also be accessed via the Terms and Conditions link.