Good news from G-Cloud

Previously, it wasn’t unheard of for buyers looking for services to leave the CloudStore, Google the service they were looking for and then return to the CloudStore to search for the supplier by name.

The first piece of good news, then, is that CloudStore will soon be nothing more than a memory.  The latest iteration of G-Cloud – six – will no longer be featuring CloudStore, but rather will be opening up “The Digital Marketplace”.

Whether that’s more of a rename along the lines of what was once Windscale now becoming Sellafield – while still remaining one of the nation’s longest-running PR disasters – remains to be seen.

And the second piece of good news is that the Digital Marketplace promises a better, more user-centric search to search.

Or, in simpler terms, will actually give you the results you’re looking for without having to hop out, do a quick Google and hop back in again.

But the big question is how much of an improvement will G-Cloud users see across all the other areas of the framework?

“Education”, says Peter Groucutt, MD of cloud service provider Databarracks “is still seen as the biggest barrier to cloud adoption by the public sector. More needs to be done by central government to educate local authorities and councils on the benefits of buying services through the framework.

‘Making G-Cloud really work is a big task, but it’s encouraging to see that steps are being taken to address the quick-wins like ‘search’ that will deliver big impact quickly. The framework is maturing and both customers and suppliers are beginning to see the benefits. It’s still very much a learning process and further investment is needed to break down the last remaining barriers.’

In short, it’s going to take a bit of effort on both sides to get things running as smooth as silk, but give it time … give it time.

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Good news from G-Cloud
G-Cloud has been making improvements based on feedback from suppliers and public sector departments, and if you've ever been frustrated by the search results you've been getting, there's good news about what’s on the way.
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